Our story

« Great experiences build great brands.»

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a new profession emerged – air brokering. In this era, the new independent republics had fantastic air assets but no idea how to market them. It was around this time that the original, version 1.0 European brokers emerged. Simple letterboxes, they purchased planes, increased turnaround, then sold them, earning substantial commission in the process, with little or no added value. Anything that could be flown was flown, and supply created demand, sometimes with a disregard for basic air safety rules.

A few crises later, it was time for a new wave of air brokers to emerge: the 2.0 generation. It was at this time, in November 2004, that Jean-François Ballin drew up and signed the articles of incorporation for Dynami Aviation SAS.

The aim was clear: to offer a selection of hand-picked airlines, propose customer-centric transport solutions, listen to needs and become a creative force. A small but loyal team signed up to the project. The first to believe in this version 2.0, start-up broker, they inspired us to our first successes. In December 2004, the tsunami in south-east Asia put our economic and technical model to the test. Joining forces with NGOs, we draw up and rolled out a responsive, reliable and appropriate logistics solution to rescue the victims. This earned Dynami Aviation its reputation. From humanitarian aid to industry and the oil sector, we continue to work hard to improve our services for clients and partners.

It is now up to us to introduce version 3.0 of our air brokering profession. Dynami Group has risen up from the foundations of previous versions. To ensure improved checks and safety on-board our flights, we carry out or request audits of our partners, make equity investments in airlines, sign exclusive marketing agreements and attract aviation's very best advisors and consultants. This allows us to continually improve our service for both long-term clients and those who now realise that the era of '1.0 letterbox' brokers is well and truly over.

Dynami Group owes its success to its determined team, professional partners and loyal clients. This new logo marks our arrival in the 3.0 broker era and our commitment to offering effective solutions for future transport challenges without compromising on safety and environmental requirements.

Our values in action

DARING AND VIGOUR Daring and vigour are key attributes of a motivated team. At Dynami, we like to take on challenges. Discover our wildest adventures!

OPENING With more than ten different nationalities in our team, our cultural diversity ensures constant innovation.

The Dynami team

The Dynami Aviation team has previously worked in the freight transport community, airlines and the air chartering industry. All staff members share the same enthusiasm and energy. With extensive experience, our multi-talented team is there to offer smart and practical solutions for all of your air transport needs.

Stéphane Charpentier
Managing Director of Cargo
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Head of Dynami Travel
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